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  • Trading Conditions

    This page aims to provide answers to your questions concerning trading conditions of IFC Markets. IFC Markets is a leading financial company providing services in Forex and CFD markets.

  • Trading platforms

    This section provides information about trading platform, it contains answers to questions, like what is the difference between NetTradeX and MetaTrader?

  • Money Transfer

    Here you can find the answers to all your questions concerning money transfer in our system. IFC Markets is a leading financial company providing services in Forex and CFD markets.

  • General questions

    In this page we introduce a list of questions where you can find the answers to your questions about forex trading, including what type of broker is IFC Markets, is it regulated, etc.

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Trading Conditions

Do I need to pay any fees and surcharges?

What is the minimum deposit amount required by IFC Markets?

What types of real (live) accounts does IFC Markets offer?

What are the initial deposit and current equity restrictions?

What trading volumes are offered?

What leverage size does IFC Markets offer?

I have an account denominated in USD. Can I change it?

Can I change my leverage after opening an account?

Do you offer a Partnership program?

Can I have an account in any currency?

Are there any payments to open an account?

How many accounts can I have?

What documents do I need to authorize my profile?

Why do I need to authorize my profile?

Can I face a problem if my documents are not in English?

What address should I specify in my profile information?

What leverage do you recommend?

What spreads are offered?

What is short margin (stop-out) level?

Do you offer trading signals?

Does IFC Markets offer a free demo account?

What instruments can I trade with IFC Markets?

I am a USA resident. Can I trade with IFC Markets?

I’m new to Forex. Do you offer educational resources?

Do you provide technical analysis?

Does IFC Markets offer an Economic calendar?

What is the minimum amount of deposit?

Trading platforms

Are there fees for using your platforms?

How can I log in to NetTradeX trading platform after opening an account from the Profile?

How can I add additional instruments to the “Market Watch” window in NetTradeX?

How can I open a new chart window in NetTradeX?

Where can I find the minimum order distance for an instrument in NetTradeX?

How can I reduce the volume of my open position in NetTradeX?

What is a Trailing Stop? Will it be triggered if I am offline?

I forgot the password of my NetTradeX account. What should I do?

How to enable news feed on the NetTradeX terminal for PC?

Are there any limitations on available trading instruments depending on the trading platform?

How can I place a pending order in NetTradeX?

Money Transfer
General questions