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Library of Synthetic Instruments

The group includes synthetic instruments, created by the analysts of IFC Markets for trading in NetTradeX trading terminal. The creation and trading of such synthetic instruments, with the technical name Personal Composite Instruments (PCI), is implemented on the NetTradeX PC platform.

A few CFDs on the nearest futures are being provided on each commodity.The date of the beginning of trading, end of trading and the current status are additionally mentioned per each CFD. Three status values are available:

The creation of synthetic instruments is realized through simple and user-friendly interface using Portfolio Quoting Method, where the value of the base asset (portfolio) is expressed in the value of the quoted asset (portfolio). When making deals, the personal instrument breaks up into assets for buying and selling. The trader gives each component (asset) an individual weight in the overall structure of the instrument. Hundreds of assets of various classes (currencies, precious metals, CFDs on Indices, Commodities and Stocks) are available for composing a synthetic instrument.

The trader automatically receives the price history of the created insturment (hereafter PCI) with the depth available for its components, (as a rule, not less than a few years).

PCI trading is realized as a set of transactions of all its components in the specified volumes and an interface is implemented on the trading terminal, allowing to execute such a transaction by a single command (buy, sell, setting a PCI order).

Currently traders have an opportunity to create, build charts, make technical analysis and trade PCI.

PCI spread, displaying in “Market watch” table of the trading terminal, is formed as a weighted average of the spreads of its components.

PCI swap is equal to the sum of swaps of its components.

PCI margin is equal to the sum of margins of its components.

You can find full information on the execution of transactions and pending orders of the PCI components here .

For trading the chosen PCI the user should do the following:

  • Install NetTradeX trading platform on your computer and open an account in the trading platform
  • Click "Download" button on the line of the chosen PCI

Please, study the instruction on using Synthetic Instruments and the additional instruction on working with Synthetic Instruments Library.

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