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Supreme Court of Delhi dismissed the case from the US bio-tech company Monsanto against the Indian agricultural company Nuziveedu Seed Limited on violation of rights on genetically modified hybrid cotton seeds Bollgard. Will cotton prices fall?

In this report we consider studying the personal composite instrument (PCI) BRENT to euro. It reflects the Brent oil dynamics to euro. PCI may rise in case of higher oil prices while euro will lose positions to the US dollar.

The active rigs count is constantly advancing in the US while oil prices remain at the same relatively high level with barely rising production volumes. Will WTI prices advance?

Palladium prices skyrocketed to 2-year high. The metal is in demand for both investment and industrial purposes. Will platinum follow palladium which is also actively used for manufacturing and investments?

Egyptian wheat consumption and imports are forecast to rise in next season. Will the wheat price continue falling?

In this report we consider studying the personal composite instrument (PCI) European stock indices. It reflects the dynamics of the European stock indices towards the euro. PCI may fall in case of correction in the European stock markets.

The chart shows the real change of quotations after the publication of technical analysis on 2016-11-21. The pending order from this analysis was executed and the position was opened. Next, we shall move the stop to the next fractal low following the Bollinger Bands and Parabolic SAR signals at the 4-hour charts. Thus, we are changing the potential profit/loss to the breakeven point. The position shall be closed when the price meets the Bollinger bands, the Parabolic SAR, the trend line and the fractal indicator.

US stocks fell on Tuesday. Investors booked profits on uncertainty over the timing of implementation of the Trump’s economic program. Will Nasdaq 100 index correct down?

This Wednesday the next Reserve Bank of New Zealand meeting will take place while the national external trade data for February 2017 will come out on Thursday. The preliminary forecasts are positive. Will New Zealand dollar continue advancing?