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What is Portfolio Quoting Method?

Portfolio Quoting Method (GeWorko) - is a new stage in the development of portfolio analysis and trading (patent pending). It allows to create new financial instruments from a variety of available assets, to determine the value of one asset relative to the other and to study the change in the relative value of the new instruments in a historical retrospective.

  • 1 EUR / DJI
  • 2 XAU / AUD
  • 3 CORN / SOYB
  • .
  • .
  • .
Unlimited examples of instruments
Open account and
download NetTradeX PC
Create synthetic instruments
and start trading
Opportunity to create and trade new financial instruments, built by yourself from a variety of available assets
Opportunity to reduce long-term risks
Opportunity to get a new cross rate from all available currencies
Opportunity to create "a unique instrument", which may be stable to the volatility of the markets for a long period of time
Ideal opportunity to create a positional portfolio (consisting of long and short positions) and to make its graphical analysis
Deep price history of the created instruments, reaching 40 years
Close support
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