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InstrumentNameOpen priceToday, max.Today, min.Live PriceChange, dailyChart
#C-BRENT Brent Oil 52.24 52.53 52.12 52.45 ---
#C-COCOA Cocoa ---
#C-COFFEE COFFEE Arabica ---
#C-COPPER Copper 2.5969 2.6017 2.5836 2.5972 ---
#C-CORN Corn 371.4 373.9 371.4 372.4 ---
#C-COTTON Cotton 78.8 78.93 78.8 78.89 ---
#C-HEATOIL Heating Oil 1.5422 1.5457 1.5379 1.5438 ---
#C-NATGAS Natural Gas 3.168 3.178 3.151 3.171 ---
OIL WTI Oil 49.4 49.59 49.23 49.52 ---
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Continuous Commodity CFDs

Continuous Commodity CFDs are calculated continuously without expiration dates on the basis of the nearest liquid futures by unique algorithm.

CFDs on Commodity Futures

Wide range of instruments from 19 most popular commodity groups including Oil, Gas, Wheat, Cotton and other instruments.

Synthetic Instruments - GeWorko Method

Create your own instruments from Commodities or other instruments to realize your trading strategies using GeWorko Method with opportunities.
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Portfolio Trading (available only on Online Trading Platform NetTradeX)

Portfolio Trading

Besides standard Commodity trading, you can expand the range of your trading instruments adding the tradable Commodities into a portfolio through GeWorko Method. With GeWorko Method you will be able to:

  • create unlimited amount of own trading instruments
  • trade one portfolio against another


Each portfolio can be formed using currencies, single stocks or stock indices, precious metals, commodity futures and other financial products to suit best investor's needs and preferences.

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