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Profile Guide

How to Register

Private Area is a tool for managing real trading and demo accounts of all platforms, deposit and withdrawal of funds from accounts.

How to change the account password

You can change the password of your Live or Demo Account. To do this, identify yourself by your phone number or a secret word, or by providing a scanned copy of your ID. If for some reason these options do not work, please, contact our Client Support team by email.

How to Change the Profile Password

You can change the password for accessing your Private Area (profile) to a more convenient one or in case of its loss. To do this, identify yourself via your phone or by the secret word, or by providing a scanned copy of your identity document, as well as by sending a request to the Customer Support.

Profile Authorization

The authorization of the profile is needed primarily for the full use of all the features of the Private Area, also the Company may ask you to pass the authorization to replenish your account or withdraw funds from it using a bank card, bank transfer and other deposit/withdrawal methods.

How to Open a New Account

You can open a new Real or Demo Account via your Profile:

How to Fund a Trading Account

You can replenish your live trading account through the replenishment dialog within your Private Area. You can access this dialog in the following ways:

How to Change Trading Account Settings

Your Private Area allows you to request changes in your live account settings.

Additional features of the Private Area

1. Trading terminals downloads.

Within your Dashboard, you can download all types of trading terminals offered by our Company for three platforms: NetTradeX, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, as well as log in to the MetaTrader 4/MetaTrader 5 Web terminal.

2. With the menu to the left of the main workspace of the Private Area, you can access most of the pages and functions of the account:

  • Operations History
  • Open a trading account
  • Lists of accounts
  • Balance operations (Deposit, Withdrawal, Internal transfer)
  • Profile user guide

3. With the same menu you can go to a number of pages of the IFC...

How to Withdraw Funds from the Account

You can withdraw funds from your Live trading account through the withdrawal dialog in your Private Area. You can access this dialog in the following ways:

Internal Transfer Between Accounts

Within your Dashboard you can make an internal transfer between your live accounts. You can access the internal transfer dialog in the following ways:

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