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0023 - BANK OF E ASIA Stock CFDs Trading Conditions

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Monday 02:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:0002:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:00
Tuesday02:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:0002:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:00
Wednesday02:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:0002:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:00
Thursday02:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:0002:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:00
Friday02:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:0002:30 — 05:00, 06:00 — 09:00


BANK OF E ASIA is the third largest bank in Hong Kong (after Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Hang Seng Bank) and the largest independent local bank. It has more than 90 branches in Hong Kong, more than 60 in China and nearly 30 in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. In 2012 Bank of East Asia sold 80% of its American branches with 780 million dollars assets to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. This deal became a landmark – for the first time the US Federal Reserve allowed Chinese state bank (70% of ICBC is owned by the government of China) to obtain an American financial organization. The headquarter is located in Hong Kong.

How to Buy BANK OF E ASIA Stock

To buy BANK OF E ASIA stocks traders should follow these steps:

  • How much to invest in BANK OF E ASIA Stock:Decide how much to invest in BANK OF E ASIA stock. Never invest in more than what you're willing to lose.
  • Open account:To buy BANK OF E ASIA stock you need to open a brokerage account. To open account you should go to 'Open Account' page and fill all the required fields of the form.
  • Buy BANK OF E ASIA Stock Using Trading Platform:After opening account you can trade BANK OF E ASIA shares CFDs by using MetaTrader or NetTradeX trading platforms.

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