IFC Markets Forex Broker

Orders History

Go to the "History" tab in the toolbar and click on the "Orders" button to open the window with the history of orders. To set the account history parameters choose the "Filter" function:

In this filter you may set the following parameters:

  • Types and statuses of orders that will be reflected in the table
  • The maximum number of records
  • Range of dates to form the table of all trading and balance operations of the account within the set period of time (dates are set by clicking on the "From" and "To" lines) for the following events: Placed, Activated, Closed.

To open the list of the types choose the "Type" function which will open the window:

To open the list of statuses choose the "State" function which will open the window:

To choose the type and status you need to choose the respective lines.

The "Done" button will form and display the table with the history of orders:

Each line with the instrument name reflects the order result (for example, "Changed", "Del. by user", "Executed" etc.).