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Choosing the Mode: Balance and Lock

When opening position by the market or by a previously set order you have to take into account the regime of the deal performance. The trading terminal has two regimes- balance and locking (“lock”).

Balance regime
For example, let a position be opened previously with EURUSD for buying a volume of 45,000 Euro and a deal of selling 60.000 EURUSD. As a result, one position for selling a volume of 15,000 Euro by the price of the deal for selling as the opening price is formed. (The result of the actual closing the position for buying 45,000 goes to the account balance). The balance regime setting is by the dialog “Make deal” and “Set order” with the absence of the mark in the field “Lock”.

Lock regime
In the regime «Lock» every new position is opened and set independent from old orders. This regime can be chosen in the dialog «Make deal» and «Set order» by clicking the check mark in the field «Lock».

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