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Forex trading platforms

Trading in the Forex market on a personal computer or on a mobile device is impossible without the use of a special client program – trading terminal as a part of a trading platform. Such programs allow traders to buy and sell financial instruments, make technical analysis, develop and use automated trading strategies online.

Trading terminals for online trading

Online trading has become the fastest-growing segment of the financial market due to technological developments in this area. The evolution of global networks, the development of more user-friendly trading platforms and mobile applications have turned trading in the Forex market into an easily accessible and highly profitable activity. Nowadays, there are hundreds of Forex trading terminals to choose, but in spite of such a huge amount, there are a few quality and professional terminals. Programs differ in their interface and functionality, and depending on the preferences and level of professionalism, each trader has the opportunity to choose the most convenient terminal for himself.

MetaTrader 4 trading terminal

MetaTrader 4, probably the most popular trading platform in the world, is considered to be trader’s fully functional working place for making transactions in financial markets. This terminal has a wide range of functions, but due to a simple interface, everything looks quite accessible and intuitively understandable. Functional capabilities of the terminal allow traders to analyze the dynamics of exchange rates of various financial instruments, make transactions, create and use trading robots (automated trading programs).

Metatrader 4 can be used on multiple devices. So, apart from the desktop computer, you can also use it on the devices powered by the popular Android system - MT4 for Android - and also iOS - MT4 for iOS. Traders can also log in to their accounts from anywhere in the world on its web version - MT4 WebTrader - without having to download the MT4 software, which gives them the ability to trade at their convenience.

NetTradeX trading terminal

NetTradeX is a trading platform created by IFC Markets for professional traders. The terminal has a complete set of functions for technical analysis and trading in Forex and CFD markets. By its functionality, the capacities of NetTradeX surpass the most popular trading terminals. The most important feature and advantage of the terminal over other programs is the opportunity to create and trade your own financial instruments (Personal Composite Instruments (PCI)). PCI is created from available assets, it has its spread and swap, and also a deep history for charting and making technical analysis.

Besides, important advantages of NetTradeX over MT4 are the following features: Trailing-Stop mode on the server side (with a trader’s turned off computer); placing complex orders (OCO), when in case of the execution of one order another is automatically deleted; setting trading volumes not in lots, but in units of the traded asset, etc.

Whichever program you choose to trade in financial markets, remember that your further success depends on this choice. Before starting real trading, one should first thoroughly understand the functions of the selected platform, check the speed and accuracy of its work on a demo account.