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Top Stock Gainers and Losers

Top Market Gainers and Losers is a unique and powerful analytical tool, that is able to instantaneously calculate top market movers.
Within a second the tool provides 10 different trading instruments that showed the highest increase (Top Gainers) and the biggest decrease (Top Losers) for selected period of time (from 1 day to 1 year).

You may calculate Gainers and Losers according to the selected instrument group – stocks, currency pairs, precious metals, indices, commodities, gold instruments, ETF, PCI library.

Additionally, for stock market, you can filter different stock exchanges as well as industries of your interest.

Top Risers and Fallers - Today

Select the instrument group and calculation parameters:

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Select Period or Date Range
  • Stock exchange

  • Sector

    • Materials
    • Real estate
    • Energy
    • Financials
    • Consumer Staples
    • Health Care
    • Industrials
    • Information Technology
    • Communication Services
    • Trading
    • Consumer Discretionary
    • Utilities
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NameInstrumentChange, %Change, USDLive prices
NameInstrumentChange, %Change, USDLive prices

Market Movers Calculation Notes:

For the "Today" range, the initial price is the closing price of yesterday's session, and the final price is the current price of an instrument.

For the "Yesterday" range, the initial price is the closing price of the day before yesterday's session, and the final price is the closing price of yesterday's session.

The calculation prices of other ranges such as week, month, year etc, are the closing prices of previous completed trading sessions, counting from the dates of the set period range.

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